Hair Care Instructions

Brush, Brush, Brush

Brushing your extensions is a regular upkeep kind of thing, something you should remember to do daily. Starts at the bottom, as you would with your natural hair detangle that area first before you move up to work on the top sections. Be gentle with you extensions, as pulling will cause serious breakage.

Wash Carefully

Washing is crucial for the proper maintenance of your hair extensions and there are a couple of rules to follow to make sure they continue on looking good. First- detangle before shampooing, second – use a good shampoo (recommended sulfate free) and third (and maybe the most important of all) – take it slow. Wet your extensions bit by bit to prevent tangling using a downward motion when shampooing and rinsing them. You can, of course, follow up with a wide-toothed comb in case they start to knot but you must be super-gentle.

Condition like a pro

A nice, nourishing leave-in conditioner will be a perfect follow-up for your hair extensions maintenance routine. If you don’t have a leave in conditioner on hand you can make one by diluting 10% conditioner with 90% water. Spray it on or work it in using the same downward motion, brush out any remaining tangles carefully. No need to apply a whole lot of nourishing products at once as this could put your extensions at risk of being over-conditioned which normally isn’t a good thing at all as it will make them look dull and limp as well as cause them to get dirty again at a much faster rate, not to mention the extra tangles you’ll have to deal with.

Let them dry naturally

It is best to air dry your hair extensions or you can blow-dry with a low to medium heat. Always use a heat protectant serum when using the blow dryer or hot curling tool. This will help protect your hair from over drying and damaging. For curly, wavy, or kinky hair it is recommended that once in the drying phase you do not comb or brush as the hair will “bush out.”

Wear a swimming cap

When swimming always wear a cap to prevent prolong exposure to chlorine or salt water, which causes the hair to tangle. Always wash the hair right away with shampoo and conditioner after swimming in either type of water.

Tie up

Before going to bed make a couple of big braids. This will prevent the hair from tangling while sleeping. Never sleep on wet hair. Make sure the hair is completely dry before going to bed.

Be gentle with your closues/frontals

Our top closures & frontals are special handmade and is fragile. Each hair is individually implanted into the base, knotted, and secured with a strong adhesive. Excessive tugging, brushing/combing, scratching with fingernails or foreign objects, applying excessive heat directly on the closure, rough handling, vigorous washing, etc. can cause your closure piece to bald.  Just keep in mind that this is not your real scalp so it is extremely important to handle your closure and frontal piece with care. You can actually pull the hair out by being rough with your closure or with excessive tension and unfortunately, there is no way to fix this, but to replace it with a new one. So take very good care of your closure and you will get a long life out of it as many women do!